Fidelity SME Forum – Live Broadcast

Date: Tuesday, February 18, 2020 | Time: 6:30AM

Bisi Lamikanra, Partner and Head, Advisory Services, KPMG in Nigeria

Without a doubt, the growth and development of the Nigerian economy is intricately tied to its industrialization. The industrialization of an economy comes with many benefits including job creation, wealth creation, poverty reduction, urbanization and advancements in technology, health, education, transportation, etc.

Despite its importance to the Nigerian economy, the manufacturing sector in Nigeria is still fraught with many challenges. The prevalence of power outages, bad road networks, insecurity, poor distribution channels and poor perception of locally made goods are well-documented. To address this, the government has rolled out a number of initiatives aimed at improving the ease of doing business in Nigeria and in the manufacturing sector in particular, making it a lot easier for MSMEs to flourish in the sector, especially in the manufacturing value chain.

Our next guest on the Fidelity SME Forum is Bisi Lamikanra, Partner and Head, Advisory Services at KPMG in Nigeria. She also doubles as the Head of the Financial Services Sector for KPMG across Africa. Over the course of a stellar career that has spanned more than 35 years, Ms. Lamikanra has garnered experience in diverse industries and sectors of the economy. She has provided business advisory services for various public and private sector clients within Nigeria, Africa and globally and has led several advisory projects in the financial services space, majorly in the banking sector.

Bisi Lamikanra will, on the next edition of the Fidelity SME Forum, share insights on the outlook for the manufacturing sector in Nigeria in 2020 and how SMEs that are playing in the sector can leverage the opportunities that the year presents to grow and scale their businesses.

Please tune in to this exciting edition of the Fidelity SME Forum on Tuesday, February 18, 2020, at 6:30am on Inspiration 92.3FM to listen to Bisi Lamikanra share her insights on The Manufacturing Sector in Nigeria in 2020 – Outlook and Opportunities for MSMEs”.

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Bisi Lamikanra


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Fidelity SME forum - listen live

Fidelity SME forum - listen live