It is a product that supports eligible Pharmacists to meet working capital needs by helping them purchase stock

Our uniqueness
  • Cheapness- below conventional market rate
  • Ease – minimum documentation required
  • Speed- facility can be accessed in 48hrs
  • Convenience- Logistics assistance
Criteria/condition for Qualification:
  • The company must be fully registered or incorporated with CAC.
  • The pharmacist must be duly introduced by the association; each Chapter President to conduct an initial screening of members confirming;
    • Their eligibility to access the facility
    • Chapter president to confirm obligor’s membership with association
    • Submission of recommendation letter detailing who is a retailer and a whole seller
    • Each chapter recommending its members must adopt the MOU stating guidelines for the product. This guidelines must include the suspension of the practicing license of defaulting pharmacists
  • The pharmacist must have a current practising licence from Pharmacist Registration Council of Nigeria
  • The pharmacist must own and have run business for at least 2 years
  • Simply set up an appointment today and make an application with the relevant documents.

    For more info:
    Telephone: 01-2701937