…More than just a Bank Account, it’s a complete business solution. At Last, The Complete Business Solution For SMEs. As an aspiring entrepreneur or business start-up, the Fidelity Business+ is what you need to get your business off to a flying start. FEATURES
  1. Low maintenance fee Current Account
  2. Free Sage One Accounting Software
  3. Free Business Advisory Services
  4. Access to Loans
  1. Automated business processes
  2. Record keeping & inventory
  3. Income & Balance sheet generation
  4. Audited account preparation

Run Your Business On The Go With Fidelity Business+

Fidelity Business+ helps you to achieve the following: Streamlined Business Operations
  • Record Keeping & Account Reconciliation
  • Invoicing
  • P&L and Balance Sheet generation
  • Online Payments and Transfers
  • Audited Account Preparations, etc.
Mobility Web based and provides SMEs with mobility & convenience to run their business anywhere & at anytime Analytics Track how specific areas of the business are doing: Product lines, customer performance, etc. Stay On Top Of The Business Provides a bird’s eye view of the business e.g.
  • Customer information
  • Sales history
  • Account statements, etc.
Cost Reduction & Revenue Optimization Help SMEs to organize their businesses better, save cost and also increase service delivery turnaround time

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