…More than just a Bank Account, it’s a complete business solution. At Last, The Complete Business Solution For SMEs.

As an aspiring entrepreneur or business start-up, the Fidelity Business+ is what you need to get your business off to a flying start.


  1. Low maintenance fee Current Account
  2. Free Sage One Accounting Software
  3. Free Business Advisory Services
  4. Access to Loans


  1. Automated business processes
  2. Record keeping & inventory
  3. Income & Balance sheet generation
  4. Audited account preparation

Run Your Business On The Go With Fidelity Business+

Fidelity Business+ helps you to achieve the following:
Streamlined Business Operations
  • Record Keeping & Account Reconciliation
  • Invoicing
  • P&L and Balance Sheet generation
  • Online Payments and Transfers
  • Audited Account Preparations, etc.

Web based and provides SMEs with mobility & convenience to run their business anywhere & at anytime

Track how specific areas of the business are doing: Product lines, customer performance, etc.

Stay On Top Of The Business
Provides a bird’s eye view of the business e.g.

  • Customer information
  • Sales history
  • Account statements, etc.

Cost Reduction & Revenue Optimization
Help SMEs to organize their businesses better, save cost and also increase service delivery turnaround time

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