Commercial Support Short Term loan is a 90 days loan product for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) who operate businesses with stable cash flows, short cash conversion circles and for the most part do not have tangible collaterals to secure loan facilitates provided to them. Criteria: To access the CSST Loan, an MSME will be require to meet these criteria:
  • Applicant must maintain a current with Fidelity Bank preferably the Fidelity Small Business Account (FSBA)
  • Applicant must have operated his/her account in a manner considered satisfactory for the last three months at least
  • Applicant must be a registered business (Sole Enterprise) or Limited Liability
  • Applicant must have been in the same line of business for a minimum period or 2 years
  • Applicant’s business must not deal in the sale of substandard goods
Visit any Fidelity Bank branch near you to apply for CSST. For more info: Telephone: 01-2701937 Email: [email protected]